Reduced Observations

Reduced Observations is a survey in watercolor, documenting my own inner worlds. It is an ongoing archive inspired by astronomical observations of distant planetary nebulae and supernovae explosions. I reimagine their stormy structures as symbolic depictions of changing states, thoughts, ideas and forms within myself. 

Each work represents a universe of its own, resembling remote nebulae, novae or microcopic bacterial forms; sites of death, birth, growth and decay. 

While watercolor may be the project's main medium, I view the archive as a form that is equally diffuse and pliable, allowing the potential to merge fiction and reality. 

As both creator and curator of my own archive, the intention is to exhibit works in ever-changing combinations, forms and contexts. 

Reduced Observations takes its name from the work of 18th and 19th century astronomers William, Caroline and John Herschel, and refers to the astronomical practice of re-examining and data reduction of previously registered astronomical observations.


21 x 29,7 cm

Watercolor, gouache, graphite,

charcoal, colored pencil, pen, collage, date stamp and embroidery on paper

Copyright © 2020 Merete Joelsen Aune. All Rights Reserved.